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Delivery + Pick up

Current Year: $350 minimum must be spent on rentals

Following Year: $500 minimum must be spent on rentals

(Tablecloths + Napkins do not count towards minimums)

Fee: $125 + $20/hour + mileage + ferry fee if applicable

Additional $100 if 2nd person needed for delivery

Mileage: $0.55/mile for truck

$0.75/mile for truck + enclosed trailer

Set up + Take Down

In addition to the delivery/drop off fee:


Free Pick up + Drop Off

No minimum on rentals. Event can be in current year or following. Pick up and drop off in Cornucopia OR Port Wing, WI. Ideally pick up on a Thur/Fri and drop off Sun/Mon.

Planning + Management Clients

Very likely no additional fees. No minimum must be spent. Only exception would be if additional fees need to be added for enclosed trailer: more mileage and/or a ferry fee. For management clients if you have not hired us to set up and/or take down you are responsible for this.

If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know! We may consider adding to our inventory or increasing quantities.

New additions will be updated in our storefront but we will announce in our Instagram Stories when we add something. Make sure you're following us @laceandbrassevents!

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