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Five Tips for Your Outdoor Elopement

Five Tips for Your Outdoor Elopement

We LOVE wedding of all sizes. From large tented weddings with 300 guests all the way to adventurous elopements where we are one of the witnesses! With our all-inclusive elopement packages we get to plan many gorgeous elopements and intimate ceremonies, all of which are outdoors.

We've put together our top five tips for those considering an elopement, especially an outdoor one. Enjoy!

Embrace the weather!

Chances are if you're eloping outside it's because you love the outdoors! Trees, water, nature and raw beauty is what you love. Whether you're eloping in the middle of the winter, the hottest time of the summer or a rain cloud pops up on your big day- embrace it!! Grab a shawl, umbrella or coat on some sunscreen because this is your beautiful day, regardless of the weather. The beauty of elopements is they're simpler, easier and no stress. If it's January and you really want to elope- do it! Don't feel like you have to wait for the perfect September day.

Five Tips for Your Outdoor Elopement

Photo Credit: Kellie Rae Studios

Hire Professionals

Just because you are eloping doesn't mean you can't have beautiful photos, flowers you've been "pinning" on Pinterest for a year (or three) or special memories!! This is the start to your marriage, and it should be exactly what you envision. Many photographers and wedding vendors have special packages and prices for elopements- allowing you to still make it very special but not have to book a service meant for a full-day wedding.

Make it Personal

If you're eloping it's either going to be just the two of you or a small gathering of your favorite people. This allows you to really make your ceremony unique to you two. From writing your own vows to eloping somewhere special where you met or first dated, you are able to make it really personal since it's just the two of you or such a small group! Wear your favorite pair of converse shoes or get that patterned dress or tie you fell in love with!

Get Creative

Since it's just the two of you, it is so easy to pack up and head out! With many beautiful destination locations in the Midwest or US you can really have your pick. Or get really adventurous and elope in another country. Choose a location, hire the professionals (or book one of our elopement packages ;D ) and make an elopement and honeymoon trip out of it! Get adventurous, get creative and find somewhere that is perfect for the two of you. Whether that's on the shores of Lake Superior, desert in Arizona or in the woods on your own property.

Enjoy the Simple Things

You've chosen to elope for a number of reasons, but mainly it's because you want to experience this together- just the two of you. When planning your elopement make sure to keep in mind the simple things and cherish them! Those moments that might be easily forgotten or not even noticed when you have a larger wedding. Hire a photographer (and even videographer!) to capture the little things like how the two of you walking hand-in-hand to your ceremony site or that look you give each other when the other isn't looking.

Five Tips for Your Outdoor Elopement

Photo Credit: Kellie Rae Studios

Here is where we shamelessly mention to check out our all-inclusive elopement packages! <3 Whatever you do, do what is right for the two of you!

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